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Review: The Runaway Bridesmaid by Daisy James

Having read and enjoyed several titles featuring runaway wives and mothers, I was immediately attracted to "The Runaway Bridesmaid" as a nice twist on a familiar theme only to my delight discover the great British Bake Off ripple effect.

What a girl wants…

Squeezing herself into a frothy, flouncy, bubble-gum pink dress, Rosie Hamilton thinks that being a bridesmaid for her spoilt little sister Freya can’t get any worse. But discovering her boyfriend in a cupboard with the bride, ten minutes before Freya is due to say ‘I do’, is the icing on the sequinned wedding cake – and Rosie’s cue to pack her bags.

Swapping her Louboutins for Wellingtons, Rosie throws her bridesmaid bouquet in the air and flies from bustling New York to sleepy Devon. Her late Aunt Bernice’s cosy countryside cottage is the only place that’s ever felt like home. Now, for the first time in her life, and with the help of her beloved Aunt’s diaries, Rosie must put herself first for a change – and decide what she really wants…

A delightful romance, perfect for fans of Sophie Hart and Lindsey Kelk!

My Thoughts:

Attracted by the title, I really enjoyed this book which was as amusing as its delightful cover. At first sight it appeared to be well written and pretty standard chic-lit but quickly transformed into a warm and witty story. Dating your boss is never a good idea especially if he is a cheating weasel. Rosie having taken on the mothering role to her younger sister when their mother died also needs to put herself first for a change and concentrate on her own happiness.

Despite having spent months organising the perfect wedding for her needy younger sister a series of unfortunate events cause her to flee the scene. Out of respect for her favourite and now dead aunt she makes the journey alone to visit her funeral and to go to the reading of the will. Despite some really delightful scenes including Rosie in her unsuitable frothy, flouncy, bubble-gum pink dress it was her arrival in the UK that was the turning point for me and where I really started to enjoy the story.

The character development was good. Rosie was easy to empathise with, got herself into amusing scrapes and very likeable once she started to drop the doormat act. The boys too were fun and full of surprises. Suddenly Rosie has not one but two very attractive eligible bachelors in her life. It was really amusing to see this city girl in the country. Her Aunt and others in the village gave the story body, and the scene with her scones was a hoot.

Rosie finds herself faced with some serious choices. Life in rural Devon is growing on her. The choice of wellies over stilettos is a hard one but "she realised her precious Louboutons would never have coped and the avoided damage sent shivers down her spine." With two new men in her life Rosie "learns that her decision to stay in Devon may have benefits after all". Charley contrasts sharply with the rich and successful Austin and she has to decide what is most important in life.

I really this enjoyed reading about Rosie's escape which made me smile. Being a debut novel I obviously haven't read any of her previous work, but this is an author who I will be looking out for in the future.

Recommended light reading.

(Digital ARC gratefully received from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.)

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  • Format: ebook
  • Author: Daisy James
  • Publisher: Carina (28 Sept. 2015)

    1. Thanks ever so much for reviewing my debut book on your blog, Michelle. I'm really pleased you enjoyed it. Daisy.

    2. You are welcome, looking forward to the next one.