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Review: Christmas Ever After (Puffin Island 3) by Sarah Morgan

Spend this Christmas on Puffin Island amongst friends.
Note: Also released as "One Enchanted Moment (Puffin Island 3)" outside the UK.

Jewellery designer Skylar loves living in London, especially as the glittering Christmas lights sparkle all around. But when a surprise proposal goes wrong she finds herself fleeing home to remote Puffin Island. Of course, the last person she expected to see was TV historian Alec.

Burned by a terrible divorce, Alec is dazzled by Sky’s blonde beauty and so cynical that he assumes that’s a bad thing! Luckily she’s on the verge of getting engaged to someone else, so she won’t be a constant source of temptation on Puffin Island...but this Christmas, can Alec and Sky realise that they are what each other was looking for all along?

Fall in love with the all new Puffin Island series from Sarah Morgan, the bestselling author who brought you Sleigh Bells in the Snow:

My Thoughts:

Skylar dreams of spending Christmas with her friends on Puffin Island. The third in a series this is a cosy feel good read with lovable and well defined characters. This is a romance with the emphasis on being yourself and being accepted for who you are in a relationship.

I really enjoyed this book but almost tossed it in irritation aside whilst reading the first chapter which set the scene for the plot. Warm, talented and beautiful Skylar is in a relationship with selfish, manipulative Richard and making excuses for his behaviour. Despite her success as an artist she is a failure in the eyes of her family who don't respect her choices and want to see her married off. Alec does his best to keep Skylar (who reminds him of his ex-wife) at a distance but an accident pushes her into his arms.

This book was very amusing. The characters got themselves into some lovely entertaining scrapes and misunderstandings. The book was a bit mushy in places but had a good plot with well defined characters. I enjoyed the way the author use of strong contrasts. How she offset Alec against Richard, Skylar against Alec's ex-wife and Alec's family against Skylar's.

I liked Skylar. First appearances can be deceptive with her initially coming over as a bit foolish. We quickly learn that there is much more to Skylar than meets the eye. The same can be said for once bitten twice shy Alec whose character develops well as we get into the plot.

Friendship features heavily in this title and Puffin Island despite the cold in the winter comes across as somewhere I would love to live or visit. The story stands up well on its own, but in hindsight I wish I'd read the previous two titles first, having enjoyed this one so much.

Recommended and would make an ideal christmas read or stocking filler.

What others are saying:

Anne via GoodReads - "I've loved every book in the series but this one really is the icing on the cake. Skylar and Alex have sparred and shared a mutual dislike ... now we find out why. It has nothing to do with their shared history and everything to do with their individual pasts.

Alison via GoodReads - "Perfect ... It doesn't take long to lose yourself in the world of art, heroes, longing, family dynamics, enduring friendships, snow & sex .. don't forget the sex that plays an important part in the story!"

Kim via GoodReads - "I feel like I could walk around Puffin Island and wave to all the people I have grown to know!

  • Format: ebook and paperback
  • Author: Sarah Morgan
  • Publisher: MIRA; 1 edition (8 Oct. 2015)
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