About me

Avid reader and Professional Software Developer. Born and raised on the edge of the New Forest in England.

Passionate about books, technology, software and outdoors.

I love a good plot with strong characterisation and relationships particularly when there is a "what if" factor and/or puzzle involved.

Variety is the spice of life, in addition to women's fiction and crime novels I also have a particular fondness for modern twists on traditional fairytales and technology based science fiction.

With the exception of "Book Blasts" and "Book Tour" commitments I cannot guarantee that I will review your book but I will give you notice if this is the case. For example, if I am unable to finish a book, I may choose not to review it.

Book reviews are posted to my blog, Goodreads and AmazonUk. If you would like me to post a review elsewhere then this can be done on request.


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  2. Hi, we ahve many products for reviewing. If you have any interest, pls contact us at songmics002@gmail.com

  3. I have a new novel slated for e-book publication later this month with the print version to follow several months later.

    Might you be interested in providing a review/blog post?
    Conversely, I would be happy to provide a guest blog posting relevant to science fiction and weird science (see www.ArthurMDoweyko.com/blog).

    The genre of As Wings Unfurl is science fiction (234 pages).

    Brief blurb:

    Applegate Bogdanski returns from Vietnam with a missing leg, a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. A fair trade, he thinks, for a coward, whose only remaining passion is to dull his grief with morphine. He stumbles through each day working at an obscure Newark, New Jersey bookstore, looking forward to nothing and hoping it would arrive soon. Enter Angela, who claims to be his guardian angel. Neither one is an angel, but together, they uncover a conspiracy which threatens to undo humankind itself.

    As Wings Unfurl took 1st place as best sci-fi novel of 2014 at the Royal Palm Literary Awards and will be published by Red Adept on July 19, 2016.

    If you are interested, I can provide you with a link and coupon code for a free copy in several e-book formats.

    Best regards,

  4. Hello Michelle:

    I'm writing to request a review of my book, 'The Patriots of Mars'. It is a Sci-fi / New adult book, and yes, there is a puzzle to be solved: Who are the 'Patriots'?


    A phantom group called 'The Patriots of Mars' has committed an act of rebellion that stands the world on its ear.

    Josh Reynolds, a Martian-born teen with a secret, is trying to change his life when he gets caught up in the wake of the Patriots' insurrection.

    As he struggles to both find and save himself, Josh begins to realize that the change he had hoped for could become something more far-reaching than anyone had imagined.

    • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

    'Patriots' turns conventional sci-fi tropes upside-down:

    • The problem we'll have with A.I. won't come about because it will become the Terminator – but because it can't.

    • The real challenge of Mars won't be technological, but psychological and political.

    • Neither bigger & better rockets nor handwavium pseudo-tech (like warp drives) will enable the space-based industrial revolution the world has long awaited. The breakthrough that will (finally) launch a true space age will seem… pedestrian.

    • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

    'The Patriots of Mars' is on Amazon, where you can read a couple of chapters immediately. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can download it there at no charge. If not, I am glad to send a mobi or epub file for review. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KOV059A#nav-subnav

    One last thing:

    Considering the critical importance of early reviews to Indie authors, I want to give something back in appreciation and support for what you do. So –

    • I have a good-sized, responsive Twitter following. If you review 'Patriots', I'll certainly help send some traffic to your review, or wherever you think it will do you some good.

    • I'll insert an acknowledgement page in the front-matter of 'Patriots' ebook, linking back to your site. Whatever success I have, you'll share in.

    Thank you for your time.



  5. Hello Shellyback Books:

            I thought you'd might enjoy a free advanced release e-copy of the brand new sci-fi fantasy comedy 11,984.  This is not a conventional novel. It contains a lot of creative innovations, including punctuation from the future. 

            Thousands of years in the future, humanity has finally eradicated war, poverty, and all forms of human suffering. With no problems or unanswered questions remaining in the world, everyone is bored out of their minds, that is until the sun starts putting on a light show, the first warning sign it's getting ready to supernova!

           Our heroes from the year 11,984 are your typical family of two mothers, three fathers, a couple of kids, and plenty of robots. Fun-loving Troll, so called because of her giant troll doll hair(They don't have names in the future, or wear clothes) is the world's leading hydrologist/interior decorator, whose plans to retire quickly change when faced with the drought to end all droughts. Bulb, bald head glowing like a lightbulb, is the cranky Minister of Rational Thought. His faith in science is tested by the total collapse of society. Last but not least is Litterbot, the clumsy garbagebot who gets no respect, and whose highest priority--to clean--is frustrated by a world without messes. 

           As the family works on building an escape spaceship, the sun bombards them in changing colors, which unbeknownst to them causes radiation insanity. The sky colors keep growing stronger, and these totally peaceful people are at each other's throats. It gets so bad their bodies mutate (which helps them work faster) and world computer crashes (forcing them to read primitive paper books, and rely more on Litterbot.) Will they launch before getting smashed to pieces? 

          My first humor novel, Foxavier and Plinka, was published in 2013, and is also available.

    May I email the complete 11,984 manuscript of 75,000 words?

    Thank you.

    Scott Evans


    15 Savannah St., Rochester NY