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Review: The Language of Spells by Sarah Painter

Released in 2013 interest in this book has been rekindled with the release of Sarah's new novella "The Magic Garden" and prequel to "The Language of Spells".

The Language of Spells is a magical, romantic novel. It’s set in the fictional town of Pendleford and features Gwen Harper, a woman with an uncanny knack for finding lost things…

When you are ready, seek, and you shall find. It is your gift.

Gwen Harper left Pendleford thirteen years ago and hasn’t looked back. Until an inheritance throws her into the mystical world she thought she’d escaped. Confronted with her great-aunt’s legacy Gwen must finally face up to her past.

The magic she has long tried to suppress is back with a vengeance but gift or burden, for Gwen, it always spells trouble. She has to stay – she has nowhere else to go – but how can she find her place in the town that drove her out after branding her a witch…?

My Thoughts:
Captivated by both story and the well fleshed out characters I found this book hard to put down. Was it magic that made me check the daily deal, this book was just the ticket. Attracted by the title and reading the first paragraph in the sample I just knew this was the book for me.

A heady mixture of family conflicts and old romantic evolvements. Whilst pitched as romance, the romance didn't dominate the story which had greater breadth exploring people, relationships and events with just a touch of magic for originality.

When Gwen inherits a house from an old estranged aunt, the plan is to quickly sell it. It is 13 years since she left that town behind her and she has no intention of moving back. Why isn't initially obvious, like peeling an onion the tale is well told one layer at a time.  Cam and her sister Ruby are complications from her past who she hopes to avoid. Needless to say she doesn't.

Recommended as a light and relaxing read. This is no ordinary tale, it is warm and compelling with just a touch of magic and has the perfect combination of story telling, relationships, passion and magic. Sharing the common ground of magic it reminded me of another title, one of my favourites "Garden Spells" by Sarah Addison Allen.

What others are saying:

Beloved Elenor: "I really loved this book – and it is not often I say this, really. An amazing d├ębut, I was sucked in so much I could hardly put it down and finished it in about a day I think. I also couldn’t stop talking about it!"

Novel Kicks: "The plot had great twists and turns and when I thought I had the story figured out, the story would go in a different direction and surprise me. I didn’t want to put it down and the further I got into the book, the harder it was to stop reading… A wonderful debut novel and I’m looking forward to reading the next one."

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Author: Sarah Painter
  • Publisher: Carina; 1 edition (30 May 2013)

The Harper series:

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